The previous owner of this item was living and working in Denmark if I remember correctly. They were teaching at university there and a friend of the couple invited them over one night to dinner. At the conclusion of the dinner, the host asked if the male guest was a fan of railroads and the answer was in the affirmative. He took the guest to another room and showed him a little booklet that appeared to be a folded up map. Upon inspection, it turned out to be this item, “Colton’s Railroad and County Map of the United States, Canadas &c. 1871 Published by G.W. and C.B. Colton & Company 172 William Street New York”

The host was not a fan of railroads and was actually unsure of where he had found the map. He offered it to the guest who accepted and proceeded to have the item framed and hung it in their home until they moved back to the United States and had it shipped back with the rest of their belongings.

Note the labeling of Dakota as a single location and Indian Territory where Oklahoma would become a state 36 years later.


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