Clear Bottles

Souders Elegant Flavoring Extracts
Royal Remedy and Extract Company
Dayton Ohio

Dr. W.B. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin
Pepsin Syrup Company
Monticello Illinois

Pure / Fruit Flavors
The Abner Royce Company
Cleveland Ohio

The E.E. Sutherland Medicine Company
Dr. Bell’s / Pine – Tar – Honey
Paducah Kentucky

Vapo – Cresolene Company
PATO US JUL 17, 94 – ENG JUL 23, 94

Dr. Miles Heart Treatment
Dr. Miles Medical Company
Elkhart Indiana

Dr. S. Pitcher’s Castoria

The Bayer Company Inc.

Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin
Pepsin Syrup Company
Monticello Illinois

J. Hauel
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Bradfield’s Female Regulator
The Bradfield Regulator Company
Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.

Oil of Rosemary
Fort Wayne Drug Company
Fort Wayne Indiana

Laundry Starch
Corn Products Refining Company
New York U.S.A.

Oil of Pimento (From the Berries)
Milwaukee Drug Company
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Imitation Oil of Hemlock
The Walding, Kinnan, and Marvin Company
Toledo Ohio

Gude’s Pepto – Mangan in Tablet Form
Manufactured by M.J. Breitenbach Company
New York U.S.A.

Jad Brand Salts
Wyeth Chemical Company
Jersey City New Jersey

California Paradise Oil
California Good Health Company Inc.
Louisville Kentucky U.S.A.

Forrest’s Juniper Tar Compound
The J. Harrison Whitehurst Company
Baltimore Maryland

Grove’s Pepsin Coffee
Paris Medicine Company
St. Louis Missouri

Solution of Benzyl Benzoate – Miscible
H. W. & D. – Hynson, Westcott, and Dunning
Baltimore Maryland

Cream of Tartar
Handwritten labeled Apothecary bottle

Ayer’s Pectoral Wild Cherry Flavor
The Sterling Products Division
of Sterling Drug Inc.
Monticello Illinois

A Dietary Supplement
The LeBlanc Corporation – Lafayette Louisiana U.S.A.

Dr. Scholl’s Ligtone
The Scholl MFG. Company Inc.
Chicago – New York – Los Angeles

F.H. Strong Company
New York U.S.A.

Wampole’s Phospho – Lecithin Compound
Henry K. Wampole and Company Incorporated
Philadelphia U.S.A.

Antiseptic Alkaline – Pink
Kremers – Urban Company
Pharmaceutical Chemists
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Flavored Children’s Size Bayer Aspirin
The Bayer Company / Division of Sterling Drug Inc.
1450 Broadway New York New York

Burgoon’s Golden Oil
Prepared For C.W. Burgoon
Bowling Green Ohio

Dr. Thomas’ Eclectic Oil
Foster – Milburn Company
Internal & External
Buffalo New York

Roche’s Embrocation
W. Edwards and Sons
11 Springfield London E. 5
E. Fougera and Company Inc.
75 Varick Street New York New York

Easy – Gloss Polish
Made by Indianapolis Paint & Color Company

Pure Gum Spirits Turpentine
Peoples Oil Company
Cambridge Ohio

Supreme Brand Rubbing Alcohol Compound
Northville Laboratories Inc.
Northville Michigan

Rx Brand Rubbing Alcohol Compound

Pen – Co – Hol Handigrip Rubbing Alcohol Compound
Pennex Products Company Inc.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Saxon Rubbing Alcohol Compound
Saxon Laboratories
Duquesne Pennsylvania

Many unlabeled or illegibly labeled clear bottles.
Some with caps some without.

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